The Finishing Touches.

I have a carefully selected range of venue accessories available. I'm not like some companies who offer 100 different add on's. I only offer what I think genuinely improves the room and the party.

Starcloth Backdrops.

I have two Starcloth Backdrops. One is custom made to fit the Ambassabor Suite at Formby Hall, the whole width (15 metres) across the room, and the other one is custom made for the Diplomat Suite. It's actually in three parts and fits under the curtain pelmets.

Both Starcloths are very high quality fibre optic "wool serge", made in the UK, and of course specially made to fit the function suites at Formby Hall perfectly.

They make a huge difference to the room, best to come along to one of the Open Evenings to see for yourself.



Poseur Tables.

Poseur Tables have three functions; firstly they give the guests somewhere to put their drinks whilst they are dancing.

Secondly, guests gather around them, so they keep people near to the dance floor rather than in their seats, makes for a much better party atmosphere.

Finally, they look cool !!! Especially in the evening. They can be set to any colour, and they are battery powered, so no wires.

I actually had these made these tables made to my specification because I couldn't find any commercially available that were solid enough for my liking.


LOVE Sign.

Love signs are another wonderful addition, especially for weddings and engagement parties. 

They look lovely and are great for posing by for photo's.

My Love signs are actual bought items, UK manufactured,very stylish with a smooth white finish and perfectly safe. Definitely not the dodgy home made wooden type that you often see.

The reason I have two options is because if you prefer white LED bulbs, then you really want one with dedicated white LED's, rather than RGB (Red Green Blue) LED's. Because although RGB LED's can make a white colour, it's a not a nice pure white, it's more of a "bluey" off white.


Same size and beautiful build quality as the white Love sign, the RGB version can be set to any colour, or it can be left to scroll through colours.

Looks really funky at night time !

The RGB sign can be placed near the dance floor, looks amazing. This is something you can't really do with a white led one because it puts too much light onto the dance floor area.

I admit it can be a tough choice, which one to choose, there's advantages and disadvantages of both. Ideally you need both, the white for the day, and the RGB for the night :)



Uplighting can have a dramatic effect in certain rooms.

It's basically a series of small but powerful LED lights that are placed around the edge of the room, and they shine a coloured beam of light onto the wall.

The Diplomat Suite at Formby is a good candidate for uplighting, it can make a huge difference to the room ambiance, as in the picture above.

The uplights can be set to a variety of colours, but I think the funky colours like Pink, Blue or Purple look best.

I should be getting some new battery powered ones soon, these are a lot better than mains powered because there's no need for any wires, so they will look a lot neater.

Starcloth DJ Booth.

The Starcloth DJ Booth "wraps around" the DJ decks.

It's purpose is to cover the equipment so it can't be seen from the front.

It matches the Starcloth backdrops perfectly so it looks great too.

I always use it myself when I'm DJ'ing, so if you book me to DJ, the Starlit Booth is always included free of charge.

The only reason I've listed it here as an option is because If I'm not working myself then it's available to hire.

It's 6' (1.8 metres) wide, very solidly made, looks very classy.