I Have A Real Passion For Music & DJ'ing.

I actually started DJ'ing when I was a child. I've always been into music, especially Soul, Funk, Disco, House Music and RnB.

I've been lucky to have worked in some amazing venues over the years, in the North West, London and abroad, including 6 years as resident DJ in a wonderful beach side bar in Mallorca.

For the last 20 years though, I have mainly worked at Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa as their Resident/Recommended DJ.

On the occasional weekend nights when I'm not there, I can usually be found playing Disco & House tunes at the lovely Riva Lounge bar in Formby Village.

So what's my DJ'ing style  ?

Well first of all I must stress that I'm not a typical function DJ, ie the type who plays cheesy music and never shuts up :)

I only use the microphone when it has to be used for announcements, I don't talk between songs.

I like to mix the tunes together so the music flows smoothly from song to song. This is something I'm particularly good at (even if I do say so myself). Also I am always searching for better versions (remixes) of songs, it's an obsession of mine.

I play a variety of music, I love to see people on the dance floor, It gives me a buzz to see the floor packed with everyone having a good time. When you have a good crowd all enjoying themselves, it's the best feeling in the world.

At Weddings, I always make the First Dance a special moment. I ask for everyone to gather around the edge of the dance floor, and then I invite the happy couple onto the floor. 

I can make special First Dance mixes, ie, if a song has an acoustic version and a dance version, I can blend the two together so it starts as a slow dance but then halfway through, the dance version kicks in and at that point everyone joins in !

Decks & Mixer

Only the best for my dancers.

I have the latest Pioneer NXS2 decks & mixer, the same ones that the top DJ's use in all the big nightclubs. 

These decks allow me to smoothly mix the music and also provide the amazingly good sound quality that I love.

Speakers & Lights

I love good sound, dancing is far more enjoyable if the DJ has a good sound system. My system is made by a company called RCF and it's their top of the range Touring & Theatre system (TT).

I use two "moving head" lights and they are placed on two illuminated podium stands. 


I always listen to my clients, I like to know what their taste in music is. I always ask if they have any favourite songs, groups or genre, and if there's anything they would like me to avoid playing.

Personally I'm into Disco and House, especially newer remix edits of classic Disco songs.